GMTV is the natural expansion from our successful podcast #gotmoney? into our newly launched YouTube channel, podcast and Radio Show.
With the support of Joy 94.9 we started #gotmoney? as a radio show and podcast, and we have now brought together some of Australia’s smartest Money Professionals who are fun, like minded and are committed to providing exceptional current Financial content from there our own professional sectors to create GMTV.
Our aim is too dismantle the jargon of money and create a cohesive financial viewing platform with a promise of financial literacy for all.


You the viewers are the soul of GMTV, we have selected
five bridging topics that we believe will increase the
viewers knowledge base and bridge the financial gaps
between what we think about “money” and what’s actually so. GMTV YouTube channel interviews money professionals
from all sectors around Australia.

Our topics include the ATO, Business structures, Property Sector too Cryto currency and everything else in between. GMTV have created five new entities to support ourcurrent viewers with there questions, structures, advice
and guidance.

GMTV lenders, financial planners, accountants, lawyers,
Mybudget and property experts are showcased on our
YouTube channel because let’s face it “it’s great to meet
your team, before you meet your team”.

Our GMTV team is made up with independent
professionals who love being apart of the show,
generously gift there time and want to make a difference.
While these topics are our foundation they will not impede
our ability to continually stretch into other money sectors
for example Cryto currency, AI and Robo investing.


Being financially disadvantaged in our gorgeous, vastly rich, abundant, beautiful free country feels cruel and unkind. Our collaboration wants you our audience too gather enough information so as too avoid all financial struggles, to wave at uncertainty while driving by too abundance.

If you’re not able to sit in our offices we want to make a difference to you. It could be as small as giving you the confidence to ask more of your own professionals, or navigate buying your first home, setting up a new business or learning about negative gearing, what ever it might be for you, whatever that freedom looks like for you like we want you to have it and without having to worry about paying for it.


GMTV Financial Planning aims to resolve the often-complicated landscape of being ready to retire, stocks, shares, property and all of the planning that required in between. Some simple go to information that will allow you some power in your own creation, delivered with confidence by our own FinPlanner Simone

GMTV Life is a considered show presented by Georgia Ellis and her team of mindset coaches. Money isn’t a replacement for happiness, if your relationships at home are broken or your not connecting well with self, GMTV life is exploring how to redress your balance and create harmony.

GMTV Lending because borrowing is king, without the right lending solution for your home or investment property it can cost you dearly. Our team are specialized in providing smart and
holistic lending advice, as brokers they source the best outcome for there clients and as such we have made a permanent space for them on our show.

GMTV Legal don’t knock the importance of a great legal team, like having the best surgeon on the day of your car wreck our team is strong, confident and will bring you Mediation, Developmental Joint Ventures, Estate planning, contractual dynamics, dispute resolution and sexual transmitted debt and how to get a your cure.

GMTV Property: Terry, Cate, Christine, Hayley, Alexandra and Anthony all hand selected for being awesome at what they do. We will cover the entire space with some clarity; you won’t be left wondering anymore. Property selection through too area profiling and finding the best tenant and how to structure that contract of sale. This segment is design too blast away the critics and give a honest perspective of the market from those that are active in the market.

GMTV Budget, one word “My budget” Tammy’s a huge
supporter of Financial Literacy for all and will in great
clarity take you through to financial “well being”


Ang Barry the CEO of Joy 94.9 and I are well versed in
the financial challenges that exists primarily for woman
and within our own community.

This show is a seamless collaboration of Joy 94.9, independent money specialist and my incredible co producer Carolyn Lloyd who has been with me from the beginning.

I am a property investment strategist and I created this
show because my wonderful profession affords me
knowledge that has been gleaned over 20 years.

If this show can offer you direction, certainty and help you
succeed in the money space, then we and I have kept my

I, Elizabeth Jackson STAND for “financial literacy for all”.


Elizabeth Jackson

#Got Money Producer and Presenter
Hot Entrepreneur Producer and Presenter

M: 0414 316 557

W: elizabethjackson.com.au

JOY 94.9

Level 9, 225 Bourke Street,
Melbourne VIC 3000
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